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• Recovered $1,750,000 for a machine operator whose vehicle was struck by a delivery truck of a national delivery company. The client suffered extensive injuries, required back surgery, and was ultimately unable to return to work following the incident.

• Recovered $1,650,000 for a real estate agent who tripped and fell due to a defective stair tread in the building where she worked. As a result of her injuries, the client had to undergo years of pain management therapy, and still ultimately required back surgery. Her condition made it increasingly difficult to provide and care for her young children.

• Recovered $1,200,000 for a mason tender who, during the course of his work activities, suffered a twelve foot fall from a defective scaffold system. The client required two knee surgeries, and retired on Social Security Disability as a result of his injuries.

• Recovered $1,000,000 during the trial of a public school teacher whose vehicle was rear-ended by a tow truck. The client suffered significant injuries as a result of the accident, which required her to have spinal surgery.

• Obtained a $925,000 settlement for a client who tripped and fell on an extruded pipe in the parking lot of a commercial establishment. Her injuries ultimately resulted in her having a lumbar spinal fusion.

• Recovered $875,000 for an executive assistant for injuries incurred when her vehicle was struck by another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle disregarded a stop sign, and struck the client's vehicle so forcefully that her vehicle flipped over. The client required spinal surgery after the incident.

• Obtained an $800,000 settlement for a machine operator who fell down a sloped ramp at a construction site due to the lack of safety railings.

• Recovered $800,000 for a client who was raped in her apartment building by an intruder. The client sued the owner of the building for failing to repair the broken lobby doors, which allowed the intruder to enter the building.

• Awarded $775,000 in arbitration for a client who was a passenger on an interstate transport bus who sustained injuries as a result of an accident during the course of travel. The client's injuries required two spinal surgeries.

• Obtained a $762,500 settlement for a client who slipped and fell in a parking lot. The client's fall was the result of the property owner's failure to apply sand or salt to the icy parking lot.

• Recovered $675,000 for a client who sustained multiple fractures that resulted from a car accident. The client's vehicle crashed into a garbage dumpster that was illegally placed in an unsanctioned location, posing imminent risk. This case was argued in the New York State Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state.

• Recovered $600,000 for a tenant who was struck in the eye by falling ceiling material. The incident was the result of the owner's negligence in the maintenance of its property.

• Obtained a recovery for a woman whose eyelash extensions were negligently applied. This caused glue to enter here eye, causing significant damage to her vision.

• Obtained a recovery for two clients who were given incorrect prescriptions at their pharmacy. The clients suffered personal injuries and illness as a result of consuming the medications they were given.

• Obtained a recovery for a taxi driver who was assaulted by an angry customer who was upset over traffic delays.

• Obtained a recovery for a client whose vehicle was struck and damaged by two other vehicles in Queens. The two other vehicles were engaged in drag racing in the streets when they hit the client's car.

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