New York Personal Injury Law Firm

About Our New York Law Firm

Crasto & Associates, P.C. is a trusted and respected law firm in the New York area.  We would be happy to discuss, free of charge, any legal problem that you may have.

Should you retain our firm for personal injuries sustained in an accident case, there is no legal fee paid to us unless we settle or win your case.

In the event that you receive a monetary settlement or award, any distributions advanced by our firm are reimbursed out of the settlement or award, or should there not be a monetary settlement or award, all distributions are payable by the client according to applicable law.

Should you desire to retain our firm for legal representation in a matter not involving Personal Injury, a billable or straight fee retainer would apply.

Of course, should you wish to discuss our fees with us, we would be happy to accommodate you.

Lastly, we can be reached  twenty-four (24) hours a day and three hundred sixty-five (365) days a year.

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